With the Jamboxx software, all Jamboxx models can be adapted for individual musician needs and preferences. Here are some examples of the Jamboxx in use. There are four adaptive settings: left/right travel, level of breath pressure, range of tilt up and down, and the tilt deadzone (rarely needed).

Calibration - Left / Right Travel - Pro MIDI software solutions

Left / Right Travel

The Jamboxx can be configured for range of travel using a simple configuration on-screen wizard.

Calibration - Level of Breath Pressure - Pro MIDI software solutions

Level of Breath Pressure

Using a similar easy-to-use, on-screen wizard, the musician can configure the level of breath pressure used to activate notes with the Jamboxx.

Calibration - Range of Tilt (up/down) - Pro MIDI software solutions

Range of Tilt (up/down)

Just like the other two calibration options, the musician can adjust the range of motion used to control the modulation wheel.

Calibration - Deadzone Calibration - Pro MIDI software solutions

Deadzone Calibration

While rarely needed, the musician can also define the modulation wheel deadzone — the area in which no action is taken when the modulation wheel is twisted.