Jamboxx Professional Version

Jamboxx Pro includes tactile bumps on the face of the instrument - MIDI solutions

The Jamboxx Pro is perfect suited for the professional musician or enthusiast or music student. It uses a pliable mouthpiece that provides both comfort and control. The mouthpiece can be adjusted to set the amount of airflow used to play notes. It can be wide open to allow for maximum airflow or shut all the way down to allow play just using the slightest mouth pressure. Many experienced Jamboxx musicians prefer the low to zero airflow setting as they find they can play faster.

Different from the Jamboxx Classroom version, the Jamboxx Pro also includes tactile bumps on the face of the instrument similar to frets on a guitar. With these slight crests and troughs the musician can feel his/her position along the the Jamboxx.

And because the Jamboxx Pro mouthpiece is about 1.5” in length, musicians have the option to play with or without the tactile bumps. To avoid the bumps, just pull your mouth back slightly on the mouthpiece. As muscle memory takes over, many will play without the tactile feel.