Jamboxx hands-free, breath-powered instruments

Check out our Jamboxx MIDI wind controllers, an expressive and powerful new way to play and record music.

The Jamboxx is an electronic, USB-powered, breath-controlled instrument styled after a harmonica that plays digital MIDI notes when connected to a compatible Windows computer/tablet or MAC OS device. Notes are played by sipping or puffing via the mouthpiece. Moving the mouthpiece left or right determines which note is played.

As an electronic synthesizer the Jamboxx can play any instrument including guitar, drums, violin, piano or saxophone. It can be easily adapted for those with physical or cognitive handicaps or special needs, whether children or adults. With its included bracket the Jamboxx can easily be played hands-free. It also adapts to the musician’s range of head motion and breath capacity, including those with very limited lung capacity. The Jamboxx is also well suited for music enthusiasts, music professionals, music teachers, music therapists, occupational therapists, and parents of children with physical or cognitive disabilities such as Autism, ALS, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Cystic Fibrosis and those with spinal cord injuries.

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We offer two different versions of our MIDI controller (both include the Jamboxx software):

  • Jamboxx Pro: Perfectly suited for the professional musician or enthusiast or music student, it uses a pliable mouthpiece that provides both comfort and control. The mouthpiece can be adjusted to set the amount of airflow used to play notes. Different from the Special Needs / Music Therapy version, the Jamboxx Pro also includes tactile bumps on the face of the instrument, similar to frets on a guitar.
  • Special Needs / Music Therapy Version: Our multi-user version is a great way to introduce beginners to music. When paired with the included Jamboxx software, students can play simple songs in minutes and more complex songs with practice. While the Jamboxx Pro has a single, permanently attached mouthpiece, the Jamboxx Classroom includes fifteen interchangeable mouthpieces so that each student can have their own self-contained mouthpiece.
  • Play
  • Learn
  • AllInstruments
  • FarmAnimals
  • guitar
  • SwampMonsters
  • emotions
  • drums
  • choir
  • Vehicles
  • brassband

By default, the Jamboxx plays 12 notes on a C Major chromatic scale. You can easily change to a major or minor scale, the key, the octave and the number notes (8, 10, 12 or 16). The modulation wheel on the right side of the Jamboxx by default changes the octave (twist up/down to go up/down one octave).

The same modulation wheel can be configured for different functions:

  • note pitch bend
  • play note flat or sharp (1/2 step up or down)
  • octave change

Using the included Jamboxx Pro application software you can also configure key, scale, chord and octave.

Breath control lets you blow harder or softer to control how loud or soft your instrument plays.

Here’s a list of the differences between the Jamboxx Pro and Music Therapy / Special Needs instruments

Jamboxx ProJamboxx Music Therapy / Special Needs
SoftwareJamboxx applicationsame Jamboxx application
MouthpiecePermanently attachedinterchangeable mouthpieces
Puff/SipBoth puff and sipPuff only. Medical grade check valve allows.
Notes bumpsYesNone
Music ModesPlay, Learn and JamLearn and Jam
View of a mounted Jamboxx for hands free capabilities

Play the Jamboxx Hands-free

Every Jamboxx includes a custom bracket for hands-free play that mounts to a standard microphone stand with ⅝” threads. We also sell a heavy-duty desktop microphone stand, which is included with the Jamboxx Classroom.

When using the bracket in a stand, musicians have access to the modulation wheel to do octave changes, go up/down 1 note step or do pitch bend.

Button & Switch

On the bottom of the device, there is a black button and a metal female jack (which accepts a standard ¼” audio plug for additional instrument options). Either can be configured for one of two options: ½ note step up/down or to cycle through the selected instruments.

For those without the use of their hands we recommend mounting a pressure-activated switch near their head that is connected to the Jamboxx jack.

The Jamboxx Instrument List

Play Any Instrument

As a MIDI wind controller the Jamboxx can play the voice of virtually any instrument, only limited by the sounds pre-loaded in the Jamboxx software or those you download or purchase.

There are dozens of instruments included with the Jamboxx application including:

  • Flute
  • Acoustic & Electric Guitar
  • Alto Saxophone
  • Violin
  • Trumpet
  • Grand Piano
  • And more…

And with a DAW like Ableton Live Lite (included) there’s virtually no limit to the number of instruments you can play!

Checkout our unboxing video to see what comes with a Jamboxx Pro purchase!