What's the difference between the Jamboxx Pro and Jamboxx Classroom mouthpieces?

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      Dwight Cheu

      The Jamboxx Pro instrument is for individual use, so it has a permanently attached mouthpiece. It is not user-replaceable. The mouthpiece stem is constructed of soft, pliable but durable material to maximize comfort while playing. It should last for many, many years of sustained playing. If it ever were to wear out please contact us.

      The Jamboxx Pro mouthpiece is about 1.5″ long (3.8cm) to facilitate playing with or without the tactile note bumps on the face of the instrument. Depending where you place your lips on the mouthpiece you can choose to feel the tactile bumps or not.

      The Jamboxx Classroom uses replaceable/interchangeable mouthpieces because it’s designed for use in a classroom setting. Each student would use their own, self-contained mouthpiece. Because of the replaceable design, the Jamboxx Classroom does not have tactile note bumps. When using the included Jamboxx ProSuite software you will see your current note position on the screen (for both the Pro and the Classroom version).

      The mouthpiece stem of the Jamboxx Classroom version uses the same soft, pliable yet durable material as the Jamboxx Pro.

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