(discontinued version) ProSuite and Synthesia

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      Dwight Cheu

      Synthesia is installed with ProSuite and is a great way to learn how to play the Jamboxx. ProSuite has a built-in Synthesia mode so that they can work together. In fact both have to be running in order for the Jamboxx to use Synthesia.

      Select a song and play along as the notes scroll down the screen. In the beginning select easy songs and slow down the tempo. As you progress you can increase the difficulty.

      Click here for the YouTube tutorial for Learning how to play Jamboxx with ProSuite and Synthesia

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      Getting Started / Gaming Video Tutorial

      Synthesia Starter Tutorial – Synthesia comes with the jamboxx; it scrolls the music downward for people to use with a piano — synthesia sees the jamboxx controller and plays it. I made a tutorial on how I was using it above. If you have questions about it perhaps you could post a question and I can do a video to explain some of the ways you can set it up.


      I put together some popular MIDI backtracks I found that were free that I enjoy and you might want to use. I included the one in the example above.


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