Recording Jamboxx music

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      Dwight Cheu

      These instructions apply to Jamboxx instruments purchased in January 2018 and later.

      While the Jamboxx application is without recording capabilities itself, you can record Jamboxx music using any MIDI-compatible Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) including Apple’s GarageBand and Microsoft’s Music Maker at the entry level to Ableton, FL Studio, Reaper (open source), Logic Pro, Cakewalk and Pro Tools on the high end.

      Plug your Jamboxx into your computer using the supplied USB cable and launch your DAW application. Most will automatically recognize the Jamboxx as a MIDI device.

      For example, here’s the MIDI settings page for Ableton. Notice that the Jamboxx device is set to ON as an input.

      Ableton MIDI preferences screen

      IMPORTANT: Windows does not allow to apps to both control MIDI devices, so when you’re using a DAW you must close your Jamboxx application. This restriction does not apply to Mac OS or iOS.

      NOTE: whatever settings you have set within the Jamboxx application will persist even after you close the Jamboxx application. For example if you’ve set your Jamboxx to 16 notes and the Japanese Pentatonic scale that’s what you’ll play in your DAW. If you press the Jamboxx button and that advances to the next preset, you’ll get whatever settings are tied to that preset. Basically any time you change a Jamboxx setting via the Jamboxx application or by pressing the Jamboxx button that will automatically be saved into the Jamboxx instrument itself and affect what you hear in the DAW.

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