Jamboxx plays notes when I’m not puffing/sipping

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      Dwight Cheu

      1. This symptom can appear if your breath sensitivity is set too low.

      For the current Jamboxx model (2018 and higher), go to SETUP > BREATH and check the sensitivity. Often times any setting less that 5% will be too low and will cause the Jamboxx to play based on the current air pressure in the room.

      Jamboxx Breath setup

      An easy fix is to decrease the sensitivity say by selecting Moderately Sensitive.

      Breath sensitivity setup, moderate

      If you are using our legacy ProSuite software you can set the sensitivity in option 3 of the Calibration feature. 

      2. Do you have a Jamboxx Classroom unit and it plays a note constantly as soon as you plug it in to the USB cable and launch ProSuite (while in Free Play mode)?

      Check to make sure that the mouthpiece is attached to the unit correctly. You’ll notice there are 8 pins in the mouthpiece that need to fit exactly into the 8 pin socket on the Jamboxx Classroom unit. If any of the pins are bent or not firmly inserted into the appropriate socket the unit will often make a continuous sound.

      Also, check the orientation of the mouthpiece. It’s designed so that it can only attach one way. The words Jamboxx are etched into the clear plastic mouthpiece. Those words should be on the top of the mouithpiece and right-side up. Remember the buttons are on the bottom of the unit and the tilt knob is on the right hand side of the unit.

      3. While rare this can happen if there’s an internal connection loose within the Jamboxx. Please contact us for a repair.

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