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    Dwight Cheu

    While you can use any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) perhaps the easiest method of recording music is to use GarageBand, which is included free with every Mac OS installation.

    First you have to setup your Mac to deliver MIDI messages. From your Mac, launch Other > Audio MIDI Setup.

    Invoke Mac OS Audio MIDI Setup

    Then click on the IAC Driver and make sure it is ONLINE.

    Run the IAC Driver

    Next, launch ProSuite, switch out of Synthesia mode, and go to the options section.


    Choose Playback Device in ProSuite

    The MAC Audio Settings dialog will appear and make sure that the MIDI Output is set to AAC Driver Bus 1

    Set MIDI output to AAC Driver Bus

    Then go to the Instruments section of ProSuite and click on SWAP. Scroll down to the bottom and select one of the MIDI instruments (e.g. MIDI 1).

    Swap instruments

    Choose the MIDI instrument

    Finally launch GarageBand., choose an empty project and “software instrument” as the Track Type.

    create a new project in GarageBand

    GarageBand software instrument

    You should be good to go!

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