No Sound from the Jamboxx

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      Dwight Cheu

      Here are some troubleshooting tips if you don’t hear any sound from the Jamboxx…

      1. Unplug and replug the USB cable from both the Jamboxx and your computer to make sure the connections are good.
      2. Check to make sure you see a red light inside the instrument. That indicates the unit is getting power.
      3. When you sip or puff into the Jamboxx mouthpiece, do you see the note light up in the ProSuite software? If not, try restarting ProSuite (or click/toggle the Synthesia mode button) — when in free-play mode you should see a keyboard and note positions. If ProSuite recognizes the Jamboxx the note position should change as you move the mouthpiece back and forth and the note should light up when you sip or puff.
      4. Is your computer speaker volume turned up? A good way to check that would be to play a YouTube video.
      5. Is the music output directed to the computer speaker (or to the headphone jack if you’re using headphones)?

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