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      Dwight Cheu

      Normally if you see the following screen it’s because the Jamboxx is not actually plugged into the computer or tablet that is running the Jamboxx application.

      You should see a little red light inside the Jamboxx when properly plugged in. (although this is not always sufficient).

      Check to make sure that the supplied USB cable is firmly plugged into both the computer/tablet and the Jamboxx. While other non-Jamboxx USB cables will often work, we have seen that the micro USB plugs on some cables are not long enough (even though the red light inside the Jamboxx will turn on when plugged in).

      VERY IMPORTANT: Windows 10 users must plug in their Jamboxx prior to starting the Jamboxx application. If you use Windows 10, shutdown the Jamboxx application, unplug then re-plug the USB cable from your Windows computer (making sure that the smaller end of the USB cable is plugged into the Jamboxx). Then restart the Jamboxx application.

      Sometimes it takes a few seconds for the Jamboxx application to recognize the Jamboxx instrument. Finally, for diagnostic purposes you will find that the About box will display whether the Jamboxx is plugged in or not (SETUP > ABOUT).

      screen shot advising user that his/her Jamboxx is not plugged in.


      If you’re using our legacy Jamboxx ProSuite software with a legacy Jamboxx instrument, see the following instructions.

      To exit Synthesia mode and enter free-play mode you will click on the Synthesia mode button. It’s a toggle button, click once to exit Synthesia mode and then click again to back into Synthesia mode.

      If the Jamboxx is detected you’ll see the standard ProSuite keyboard once you exit Synthesia mode and enter free-play mode.

      ProSuite free-play mode

      You may get the “No Jamboxx Detected” error message

      No Jamboxx Detected

      Here are the troubleshooting steps if no Jamboxx is detected…

      1. Unplug and replug the USB cable at both ends, the computer and the Jamboxx. If your speakers are on, you should here the little tone from Windows that it recognizes a new device.
      2. If the Jamboxx is getting power, you will see a glowing red LED light inside the Jamboxx through the mouthpiece slit.
      3. Wait a few seconds for Windows to catch up and then click the “Synthesia Mode” button again.
      4. If that doesn’t work, close ProSuite and launch it again. Wait a few seconds, go to Options and click the Synthesia Mode button.

      That should do it!

      p.s. whenever you unplug the Jamboxx you will need to use the above steps to get back into free-play mode.

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