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      so i recently watched this video:

      my questions is my jamboxx is completely hooked up properly and works but in prosuite it doesn’t give me the option for calibration or to toggle to synthesia mode. i have tried unplugging and restarting (even re downloading the software and starting completely over thinking i missed something) but none of it seems to fix my issue, thats question one what am i missing?
      question two is on the video as is shown with a way to move your notes so you get full range and not just selected amount via synthesia programming, i see that there is orange bars/triangles appear, how do i go about making this happen? any advice on either one would be really helpful please. i am learning the jamboxx and loving it and im ready to expand on my learning as i want to share the jamboxx in a group on facebook with me performing and i want to do proper full tracks if i am able to and i think the video helped me see that selecting midis is a possibility to play with via the synthesia, i look forward to hopefully gaining a response, thanks guys 🙂

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