Sponsored Artist Program

Join the exclusive Jamboxx Sponsored Artist program and become one of the select ambassadors of our innovative MIDI wind instrument!

You’ll introduce thousands to the endless possibilities of our MIDI controller while creating your distinctive sound with our instrument.

Plus you’ll have a chance to earn some extra cash cash from commissions whenever you generate a sale of any Jamboxx or Jamboxx accessories.

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Who is it for?

Any artist and/or band who wants to integrate the Jamboxx into their music and showcase its unique sound to their audience.

How does the Sponsored Artist program work?

You’ll earn a commission for each Jamboxx you sell. The more you sell and the more you promote the Jamboxx the higher your commission rate.

Jamboxx Discount for Artist’s own use

  • Silver (0+ Points) : 50%
  • Gold (10,000+ Points) : 50%
  • Platinum (25,000+ Points) : 50%

Your video highlighted on the Jamboxx home page

  • Silver (0+ Points) : Once a quarter
  • Gold (10,000+ Points) : Once a month
  • Platinum (25,000+ Points) : Twice a month

Your gig’s promoted in the Jamboxx newsletter

  • Silver (0+ Points) : Twice a year
  • Gold (10,000+ Points) : Once a quarter
  • Platinum (25,000+ Points) : Every newsletter

Commission on each Jamboxx or Jamboxx accessory sold

  • Silver (0+ Points) : 15%
  • Gold (10,000+ Points) : 20%
  • Platinum (25,000+ Points) : 30%

How do I get into the Gold or Platinum tier?

You’ll sign the Sponsored Artist program agreement and submit the entry form. Upon acceptance you’ll start at the Silver level. Your promotion activities earn points. See the breakdown below of how you can earn points. Once you gain a higher level, you stay at that level for the rest of the calendar year as well as the next calendar year. Your points reset to zero at the start of each calendar year.

Points Per Activity

  • Any social media “Likes” or “Views” in a picture or video of the artist playing the Jamboxx : 1 Point Per “Like” or “View”
  • Any gig with attendance of 25 or more where the artist plays the Jamboxx : 500 Points
  • Any Jamboxx sold by the artist : 1,000 Points
  • Any in-person or remote (e.g. Skype) training session for a customer lasting at least one hour : 500 Points
  • Any video tutorial showing a unique use of the Jamboxx : 750 Points
  • Suggest an activity that promotes the Jamboxx and if approved, we’ll credit you with points!

To receive credit, send us a link to any of the above activities and we’ll credit it to a webpage we maintain showing your current tier and progress towards the next tier.

How do commissions work?

Your welcome packet will include cards with your personalized Jamboxx 5% discount code. Whenever we received an order on our web store with that discount code we’ll credit your account with the commission rate based on your current tier. At the end of each month we’ll send you a check for the commissions you’ve earned in that month.

How do I join up?

  1. Sign our artist agreement and complete the entry form
  2. We’ll send you a welcome packet, cards with custom discount codes, etc.
  3. Order one or more Jamboxx units at a 50% discount
  4. Start posting your videos using the Jamboxx!!!
  5. Your video postings and sales will move you up through the tiers of the program.