Wyclef Jean talks Jamboxx with Jackie Bertone

Jackie Bertone introduced his audience to the Jamboxx during an April 4 episode featuring three-time Grammy Award- winning guest Wyclef Jean, the rapper/singer best-known as a member of the hip hop group the Fugees. During the show, Bertone played a few clips of musicians playing the Jamboxx, including one with the Jamboxx set to play guitar.

“I mean that sounds like Carlos Santana playing and that is all done through breath,” Bertone said to Wyclef Jean. “And I want to make sure I get this out to you because there’s not a studio — home studio and or a corporate studio — that should be without a Jamboxx. I want to get one out to you and I want you to check this out.”

“I definitely commend those guys with the Jamboxx. And I look forward to hearing more,” said Wyclef Jean during the interview. He also asked Bertone to make sure to send him a Jamboxx.

The interview streamed live at 12 p.m. Pacific Time on April 4 and is now posted at https://entertalkradio.com/jackiesgroove/ and is available on the EnterTalk Radio podcast feed in iTunes and other places to find podcasts.