Jamboxx wins Music Disability contest

The Jamboxx was selected as the best instrument in the Concept Category by the OHMI Trust’s 2014 competition for musical instruments adapted for those with physical disabilities.

Like the team at Jamboxx, OHMI focuses on removing barriers to music making faced by physically disabled people, and to enable undifferentiated participation in musical life, whether at school, in the home or in a professional orchestra.

The OHMI Trust conducts an annual competition to encourage researchers, scientists and inventors to put forth instruments that can be used despite physical limitations. The Jamboxx stood out in the competition by way of its completely hands-free play. While the competition allows for the use of one hand/arm, none are needed when the Jamboxx is mounted in its included bracket.

As new instruments for those who are physically disabled become available, the OHMI Trust is working with appropriate organizations to teach and promote their use to anyone previously excluded from making music by their disability.

We thank the OHMI Trust for this award and look forward to support its mission with future enhancements to the Jamboxx instrument.