Jamboxx featured in Music Trades magazine, February 2018 issue

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Hands-Free MIDI Wind Controller by Jamboxx

The Jamboxx Pro low-cost (MSRP $399), hands-free wind MIDI controller transforms
your slightest breath into expressive and impactful music. Designed for everyone including those with limited lung function or with physical / cognitive impairments, the Jamboxx can easily be played hands-free.

The Jamboxx hands-free MIDI controller supports modes from casual pick-up and play all the way through to live, professional performances. Use your slightest breath to change note velocity. Switch between MIDI programs and channels with a press of a button to change key, scale, and instrument. Use the tilt wheel to control pitch bend, modulation, vibrato, etc.

As a MIDI controller the Jamboxx Pro works seamlessly with any Digital Audio Workstation such as Ableton Live, Pro Tools, and Logic Pro. Bundled with the Jamboxx is a full-use license to Ableton Live Lite!

“They say music is the Universal Language…the Jamboxx might just be one of the most important keys to open the music door to the world.”  Maria Nestle – Manager, Flame the Band

Use the Jamboxx with the included ProSuite software to learn music through our Falling Notes game. Load a MIDI score and play along as it scrolls based on the tempo you select.