The Jamboxx is used by all ages and abilities as an accessible instrument

The Jamboxx is used by those with physical and cognitive disabilities / handicaps and those with special needs providing benefits to music teachers, parents of disabled persons, music therapists, special education teachers, occupational therapists, and elder care providers.

No Limits with the Jazz Band

Check out Shamar as he jams with the school jazz band in New York. His cerebral palsy is no barrier to his complete participation in this ensemble. The Jamboxx is a perfect instrument for Shamar’s “Jamm’in” style giving him access to a huge range of expression with hundreds of instruments to play.

Everyone Can Play in the Band

Hear Kylee rock the anthem in the school band in Florida. With the Jamboxx Kylee is a full member of the french horn section in her school band. Using just her breath and head movement she plays the full range of notes for any horn piece. And she can produce the voice of any instrument including a rock guitar, violin or piano.

The Jamboxx is powerful

Dave rocks out with his Jamboxx “trumpet” accompanied by Erik’s digital saxophone. While physically handicapped, the Jamboxx gives Dave unlimited freedom of expression through music. The Jamboxx is an ideal adaptive music instrument for everyone.

Music creates strong bonds

The Jamboxx gives everyone the ability to create and play music. This accessible technology allows Alper and his daughter to share the beauty of music with each other and those around them.

The Jamboxx is a full music synthesizer

Watch Tobias demonstrate the complete range of the Jamboxx in “Take On Me”. His skills as a professional musician are unlocked through our instrument despite his physical limitations.

The Jamboxx is for children

With its easy, pick-up-and-play features and ability to always be in key children can make music within minutes including those with spinal cord injuries such as Brianna. She plays hands-free and without needing full lung capacity.