The Jamboxx Story

Paralyzed from a skiing accident at age 19, David Whalen has overcome numerous adversities, earned a law degree and is a practicing attorney in NYS.

In addition to being an accomplished adaptive painter and sailor, Dave has a passion for music but options were limited because of his disability. Dave was able to play a harmonica but found it lacked the range of expression he wanted. He experimented with the few available digital, breath-based instruments, but wished for something with more capabilities.

Enter Mike DiCesare, neighbor and musician in 2007. Our numerous jam sessions sparked and solidified the idea of creating a MIDI harmonica that leveraged the power of a computer, tablet or cell phone. We wanted to create an instrument that could trigger all of the amazing virtual instrument sounds that were becoming popular at the time. Moreover, we wanted to create an instrument that everyone could play.

We founded My Music Machines Inc. (now Jamboxx Inc.) later that year in 2007. Over the past 10+ years we’ve created numerous prototypes in Dave’s basement and have gone through multiple commercial generations. Dave’s sister Sue has been the primary investor and has been incredibly passionate, sharing their dream to get the Jamboxx made.

Like any small company we’ve had to learn multiple disciplines from machine tooling and plastic injection molding to software design and silicon wafer production. We are very proud that the Jamboxx is designed, manufactured and assembled in the United States.

Thanks for letting us share our story.

— Mike