What comes with a Jamboxx Pro?

  • A Jamboxx™ with self-centering modulation wheel and hands-free Bracket
  • NEW Synthesia Gaming Software — Scrolling notes
  • Pro Suite Midi Controller Software
  • A Virtual Midi Cable for recording and performing
  • Improvisational jams for immediate getting-started fun!
  • High-quality built-in sounds from IK Multimedia’s Sample Tank™
  • Fastrack Harmonica Songbook, including tracks from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan and more

Does it play like a harmonica?

Breathing is not the traditional feel of a harmonica. We utilize breath pressure. One of the key features of the Jamboxx is the way you can trigger notes with your breath without a lot of effort. You blow and sip into the mouthpiece to create positive and negative breath pressure rather than air flow. This is important because people with very little breath or lung capacity can get volume by pushing air into the mouthpiece. It’s also a design advantage to enable playing sustained notes and enable very quick triggering of notes faster than traditional instruments.

We use scales identical to a popular 10 position harmonica as well as a 12 position scale and users can create their own. We use sipping and puffing. For beginners we provide immersive visual feedback as well as the ability to track note positions on the computer screen. We also provide tactile feel.

What’s the Jamboxx’s most powerful feature

Our Pro Suite software offers versatility. You can change instrument sounds, you can change scales, the number of note positions and dozens of more functions all at once with a single click. Presets allow musicians to try many new ways to create powerful ways to perform music.

For gamers our, falling note software uses a virtual keyboard and offers a quick and easy start!

Can I record or perform with a Jamboxx using programs like Apple’s Garage Band?

Yes, Jamboxx interfaces seamlessly with Garage Band. Please see our video tutorial on using Jamboxx with Garage Band in our user community or youtube page.

Do I need a computer to use the Jamboxx?

Yes, the Jamboxx can be used with a Mac or PC. We are working on an iPad and other portable device applications.

Do you play the same scale as a 10 position harmonica when you play a Jamboxx?

We utilize a virtual keyboard with our falling note software. Our advanced software has the popular 10 position harmonica scale. We provide 11 scales. Scales can be customized for advanced players.

Does the Jamboxx generate it’s own sound?

Every Jamboxx comes with our Pro Suite software. We provide a software synthesizer which can generate various types of musical sounds from breath controlled instruments, string instruments such as acoustic and electric guitar as well as percussion instruments sounds.

Is the Jamboxx a MIDI device?

While we do not support third-party software, many programs and devices can be used which accept MIDI input. You will be required in some instances to utilize a virtual MIDI cable with our program which can allow you to send the data into many different types of MIDI compatible software.

What are the preferred System requirements for utilizing the Jamboxx?

Visit our Software details page for system requirements.

What kinds of instruments can you play with the Jamboxx?

Our software comes with dozens of electronic sounds from the industry-leading IK Multimedia Sample Tank program which includes extremely high-quality digital saxophone, violin, electric and acoustic guitar, drums, bass, flute, harmonica and many more.

What’s tilt control for?

Tilt control allows play on a lower, upper and mid level for octave change, pitch bend, note shifts and more.

Where can I download the ProSuite software

Follow this link to the download section, which is located in the Jamboxx Software and Support section of our Music Community.