(#2) Does it play like a harmonica?

Breathing is not the traditional feel of a harmonica. We utilize breath pressure. One of the key features of the Jamboxx is the way you can trigger notes with your breath without a lot of effort. You blow and sip into the mouthpiece to create positive and negative breath pressure rather than air flow.  This is important because people with very little breath or lung capacity can get volume by pushing air into the mouthpiece. It’s also a design advantage to enable playing sustained notes and enable very quick triggering of notes faster than traditional instruments.

We use scales identical to a popular 10 position harmonica as well as a 12 position scale and users can create their own.  We use sipping and puffing.  For beginners we provide immersive visual feedback as well as the ability to track note positions on the computer screen. We also provide tactile feel.