Check out the Jamboxx Pro MIDI wind controller, an expressive and powerful new way to play and record music and join our growing community of users.

Use breath expression. Bend notes. Switch from electric guitar to a flute or any sound with a button click. Go hands-free and try out new gaming software!

Styled after a harmonica

Play electric guitar, saxophone's, keyboards and thousands of other sounds with breath control hands-free.

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Stage and Studio

"The Jamboxx Pro adds new energy and emotion
to every performance..."
Brad Hester, from the band "Annie in the Water"

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Accessible Music

Hands Free. Play it with your breath and head movements. Side to side changes the note played and up & down controls pitch bend.

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  • Optional note position strips let you feel your play with your lips
  • A modulation wheel is used to bend notes
  • Software gives visual feedback & allows for performing, recording and producing.
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Musician Brad Hester from the band “Annie in the Water” performs a Jamboxx solo in the original song “Roller Coaster” .



Tobias performs hands-free using a bracket that comes with every Jamboxx Pro.


What comes with a Jamboxx Pro?